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How i now have a scratch in my back

Posted by FlowerDalia - August 11th, 2022

Ahem. Okay so me and a other friend were playing in the swings like literal children, i was in the swing minding every single bit that should not be my concern, till that bitch yeeted the swing so high up my ass fell off the seat. Long story short the ground was filled with rocks and dust. And guess who got scratched with rocks in the back when landing??? Ofc, me. My friend was laughing like a maniac when i thought i was bleeding and dying. Since i was kinda sweating the dust got into my skin and started to inch like some cat scratched me with it's filthy paws.


that motherfucker is a literally dumbass, I want to give them a lesson for hurting you

Nah don't worry about me

Reminds me how my dumbass now has a huge scar that took a long ass time to heal. Might I say it's at this point confused as some stretchmark cus how big and also where it is. It's on my back. I got it on the very second day of middle school after the summer ended back when I was a bit "stupid" and ignorant still in the head. I was just being that weird kid like usual and was goofing around behind the bleachers until I was being yelled at and as my self tried to hurry out instead of patience, my back got cut with some metal of the bleachers and uh. It genuinely hurt like a motherfucker cus that was large gapping wound on me. Had to go to the nurse and get a thing wrapped on to me. Rest of the day and for a while was a risky move to bend at times cus if I did it would only undo what healed so far so.

Lesson of the day: don't do dumbass shit behind bleachers. For me at least.

Sad day for you to be at the swings man.

Oh dang that's real sad. Ngl if at that time you were at my middle school the nurse would just give you ICE. THAT'S ALL THEY HAVE. I remember it like it was yesterday, someone actually almost broke their leg one time and the nurse was very very uncalm and panicking and just gave 'em ice.


Ah yes ice: Perfect solution to a broken leg!

Man not even a bandaid lmao.

They are crazy like the hell were they thinking. Well I hope you feel better now after that

I'm feeling great

@FlowerDalia yaayyaya :D


@FlowerDalia :D